About Flightline

As we enter the second generation of Flightline Flight Suits we think back to one of our first test pilots, the late Mark Hanna (The Old Flying Machine Co.). Flying his MK 1X Spitfire, Mark was so impressed by the quality of our flight suits that he sent us an autographed photo with thanks.

Since then, we have proudly supported the good work our customers do; Solo flights around the world, a cosmonaut embarking on a mission aboard the Soyuz Spacecraft, Hollywood movies, television shows. You name it, if there was a flight suit involved, Flightline was probably there.

Today we continue to supply both recreational pilots and those diving into action with purpose-built products engineered for safety and ease of use. All of our manufacturing takes place in facilities in Canada and the United States, and the production is uncompromising. You have enough things to think about while flying, your flight suit shouldn’t be one of them.